Step 1

Installing the Metal Base Piece

Find a desired location to mount the base piece (3EM001-02) that enables the microphone, when hung up, to be easily accessible and free of obstruction. The desired location must be at a safe distance from any and all electronic devices negatively affected by magnets. Typically 2” – 3“ is usually a safe distance.


  • Using existing holes:
    • Determine the existing holes make for a suitable location.
      Use provided machine screws and nuts.
  • Drilling new holes:
    • Identify that this location is suitable for a microphone.
  • Pilot hole for self tapping screws:
    • Use a #31 drill bit when drilling new holes for self tapping screws
  • Clearance hole for machine screws:
    • Use a #25 drill bit when drilling clearance holes for machine screws.
    • Be certain to keep the magnet (3EM001-06) away from the mounting location until you’ve cleaned up any metal shavings or other debris. Metal shavings can be hard to remove from the magnet and can potentially hinder the installation or injure the operator.


Installation Photo Gallery

Step 2

Securing the Metal Base

Fasten the base piece (3EM001-02) securely to the mounting location using the correct provided screws. Only use hand tools (Phillips screwdriver and/or wrench) to complete this step. Using power tools may cause stripping of the hardware or damage the base piece.

Step 3

Attaching the Microphone Adapter

Take part (3EM001-05) Magnetic Shield and connect it to the Magnet (3EM001-06) by placing it on top covering the magnet and set to the side. Next, place one half of the adapter (3EM001-04) onto the back of the microphone. Visually confirm that the adapter has slid completely into place. Slide provided magnet (3EM001-06) with magnet shield (3EM001-05) into the groove on the adapter (3EM001-04) while adapter is still on back of microphone. Place remaining adapter half over magnet and slide the two half’s together. Take provided rubber O-ring (3X609) and place over the connected adapters securing it into the groove. Pull to make sure adapter is snug.


Microphone Adapter

Installation Photo Gallery

Installation Complete!

For more information on installing Easy-Mic, please watch the provided installation video link or download the installation guide. Please address any questions or concerns to