Designed to reduce distracted driving

Features & Benefits

Today’s law enforcement officers have enough concerns, dealing with their microphone shouldn’t be one of them. Easy-Mic provides a simple and safe alternative when an officer has to answer or hang up their microphone.

Maximize Space

Easy to switch-out old two-hole mount hang-up clips.

Grips Microphone Magnetically

Place Microphone close to the base and let the magnet do the rest.

Enhances Safety

Reduces distracted driving.

Easy to Install

Designed to work in seconds.

Simplicity in Design

Engineered to work almost anywhere within reach of the driver.

Universal Usage

Supports most microphones in almost any industry.

No more reaching to remove the microphone from the hang-up clip or trying to hook the mic back up. Easy-Mic minimizes distracted driving by allowing the microphone adapter and base to connect though a magnetic force. Simply move the microphone close to the base and let the magnet do the rest.

How to Get Easy-Mic

Available individually or in a bulk pack.

Easy-Mic Bulk Pack

1 Single Unit Conversion Kit

About Easy-Mic

Designed to prevent distracted driving, Easy-Mic can be mounted virtually anywhere inside the vehicle within reach of the driver. Easy-Mic is not limited to just law enforcement agencies, this product works with any fleet or commercial vehicle that requires a microphone for communications ranging from first responders to recreational boaters.